Welsh Water Bridge Over Agreement

Normally, we do not allow structures to be built above or near the water line. If you find one, it is important to contact us to discuss next steps on 0800 9172652. If you want to know more, our detailed instructions are a good start. They will help you know if and what type of consent you need. You must then file either a construction declaration or a formal agreement request. If you are expanding your land, you need to make sure you know if there are water pipes, public sewers or sewers on your land. It`s a good idea to find out before you start working so that the work goes as smoothly as possible. Our fees cover the cost: – if necessary is – – technical assistance – in connection with the control of buildings or your certified inspector — issuing your letter of agreement or agreement. Therefore, you need to tell us if you plan to expand your home so that we can make sure that your home and our pipes are protected during and after construction. You must be logged in to complete the online application form. Our detailed guidelines are a good start and contain more details on the two types of consent we offer. The starting point is to complete our self-certification.

If you meet the self-certification criteria, you can complete an application form and we will send you an email confirming if your form has been approved.

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