Service Level Agreement For Website Development

a. CL web developers offer free technical support for problems related to the functionality or functionality of our services. Our technical support is available to all customers and is provided on an as-is basis. 15. DAMAGES 15.1 Unless express written agreement, DG is not responsible to the customer for delays in the completion of a project. 15.2 DG is not responsible to the customer for the creation of a website, database or other organization/service/service developed for the customer. If there is a critical security issue found in a plugin or theme in use on your site, we will update this plugin/subject the same day we hear about the security vulnerability and will start our above approach in a compressed timing to begin and finish within 24 hours after debating the issue. Do you need an ALS model for a website that you can customize for your own web project? Download our Model Service Level Agreement (MS Word). It contains a list of content that you would like to use in detail as part of such an agreement.

The document can be used as a checklist to ensure that important parts of a maintenance contract are properly specified after development. one. Every night, shortly after 1:00 PST, your website and database are backed up and stored in several locations outside the web server. All of the services listed below are available free of charge to all dedicated Goldsboro Web Development servers. Unique Web Design Inc. is pleased to support its web hosting services with this service level agreement (“SLA”). This ALS is included in the customer`s agreement with us and has made it part of it. The terms that are not defined in this ALS have the definitions contained in the agreement. The corrective measures described in this ALS are the client`s only and exclusive corrective action in favour of ALS.

While we will not change these ALSs arbitrarily, we can do so from time to time. If we make a change to this ALS, we will notify the customer (for example. B by email or notification in the customer`s control area). The notification sets the effective date for any changes. It is important that the client completely checks ALS. A service or feature described as “advanced ALS benefits” as follows: the service availability target is 99%, and you will receive a credit of 3% of the applicable monthly fee for each half-hour shutdown exceeding these targets.

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