Income Share Agreement White Paper

This document provides an introduction to key aspects of ISAs and how they differ from student loans. It also examines the potential application of several federal credit laws to ISAs, including fair lending principles. The growth and preservation of human capital affects our quality of life. Education is the dominant factor in the growth of human capital. Recently, there has been a wave of funding opportunities using risk-sharing functions. These income-participation agreements are gaining strength as a popular form of education funding and provide students with greater flexibility in fulfilling their financial obligations than traditional student loans. In this white paper, we describe the overall structure of the Income Share Agreement (ISA), illustrate the benefits of ISA over student loans by analyzing the expected utility enterprise and discuss why we believe ISAs will continue to gain momentum as a preferred mechanism for financing the development of human capital through education. To read the full paper, please download the PDF file below. . Political economy: Budget, deficit, eJournal debt .

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