Hydro Ottawa Landlord Reversion Agreement

With the receipt of a written request from the renter, Hydro Ottawa will separate the power supply into an empty building. If the service is separated for more than six months, the Electrical Safety Authority (SSA) may require the service to comply with code requirements in the event of a return to service. We recommend that you call ESA at 1-877-372-7233 for possible electrical contractor work and ESA`s authorisation/inspection fees. Our application form can be used by a landlord, tenant, business, lawyer and property owner/manager. By signing a participation agreement, landlords and property managers can authorize Hydro Ottawa to automatically transfer responsibility for the electricity service from a rental unit when a tenant moves. This ensures that electricity remains in service in the dwelling and that a new tenant is not obliged to request reconnection and pay the associated costs. As of April 1, 2020, all applications for relocation by landlords and property managers will have to be completed via Hydro Ottawa`s online moving form. This secure online form has been specially designed to meet the needs of property owners and managers and is available under hydroottawa.com/moving-landlord. Learn more about Hydro Ottawa`s order and ownership management agreement program. It allows property owners and managers to manage electrical service more efficiently for their rental units and help them and their tenants save time and money.

If Hydro Ottawa receives a collection request, we will transfer the landlord or property manager`s account to the new tenant. The new tenant is responsible for all costs, including the one-time account installation fee of $30 (plus HST). Under this program, account setting and transfer fees are also waived for landlords and property managers. Hydro Ottawa will send an email to the landlord or property manager informing them that a tenant has closed their account and that the service has been transferred to their account. We can help you simplify your move. Close your application for entry and/or online release in just a few minutes. Sign in to MyAccount and close an account. Open an account for an additional address. Transfer your service from one address to another.

There are a number of forms that are right for you. The information needed to complete each form is shown below. When renovating your home, here are some helpful tips and helpful tips for electrical service. If you are interested in participating in the Landlord and Property Manager Agreement, please complete this registration form and send us a copy by mail or email, as instructed. If a move request is made after the moving date, we will treat your move as effective on the day we received your request. We are not in a position to trace moving requests. If you or your contractor plans to install a swimming pool, fence, plant a tree, dig a garden, be picturesque, add a ditch or a bedroom to a house, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to find buried cables. This is a free service for excavators and owners, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about the secure ditch. Before you start, you must have at your fingertips one of the following identifications issued by the government: if you are renovating or rebuilding the exterior of your home, think of an aluminum ladder, an antenna or any other metal tool that contacts a power line, may cause a power outage in the vicinity and result in serious injury or power outages.

Look first! If you are moving within Ontario and are currently receiving an Ontario Electricity Assistance Program credit on your electricity bill, you must reapply to get the credit at your new address.

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