Charter Boat Lease Agreement

The vessel subject to the lease must be operated. Master`s Authority: The owner ensures that the master is given the same attention to the charterer, as if the charterer with whom the owner and master were to fulfill all reasonable provisions given to him by the charterer with respect to the management, operation and movement of the yacht, wind, weather and other conditions. However, the master is not required to comply with an order that may lead the vessel to move to a port or location that is not safe and appropriate for it to be in the yacht or could lead the charterer not to re-deliver the yacht after the expiry of the charter period. Without prejudice to another owner`s remedy, the master is entitled not to return all or part of the yacht to the delivery port in the master`s reasonable opinion, and after the master`s return, the charter period will be terminated and the charterer is not entitled to a refund of the charter fee. If the tenant revokes the reserve for reasons we do not defend or for objective reasons (death of a family member, health problems, serious accident), the provisions of paragraphs 10 and 11 of these Terms and Conditions apply for the revocation of the contract. 6.2.3 If the owner is able to charter the vessel for all or part of the charter period, the owner will credit the net amount of the charter rental resulting from the re-charter until the value of the remaining payment. The owner makes every reasonable effort to re-charter the vessel and will not unduly refuse his consent to re-charter, although it is possible to refuse charters that can reasonably be considered detrimental to the vessel, its reputation or its schedule. 7.3 If the charterer does not comply with a provision of the contract, the owner may immediately terminate the contract and repossess the vessel, without prejudice to the owner`s right to recover damages in the event of a breach of the agreement by the charterer. Arbitration: Any dispute over the interpretation and enforcement of this agreement is resolved by arbitration. Each party appoints its own arbitrator, whose decision is final and binding. The agreement is subject to the laws of Turkey and is established accordingly. If, at the time of cancellation, the tenant who cancels the leased vessel finds a new tenant who is also authorized to operate the vessel under the lease and agrees to assume all rights and obligations, the lessor asks the tenant who has terminated the contract to cover only the costs incurred by the replacement and will reimburse the tenant the rest of the amount.

However, if, unlike a case of force majeure, the delivery was not made by the owner within a previous time frame, the charterer is entitled to treat that agreement as rejected by the owner and demands the full amount of the charter tax that he himself paid. 5.10 The charterer limits the number of persons within its party to a number not exceeding the number of berths on the vessel, unless it depends on the part of the charterer that does not exceed the number of seats on board the vessel authorized by the competent authority, after prior agreement with the owner.

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