Air Cargo Charter Agreement

11.4 There are no claims against the intermediary in respect of a guarantee award or any other manner arising from or in connection with the chartering of the aircraft, unless that guarantee, guarantee or compensation is expressly included or contained in this Agreement. For the exclusive use of the cargo charter between charterer and carrier with a broker as an agent (but not part of the agreement). 2.2 Any order or acceptance of an offer for the charter of an aircraft is subject to these terms and conditions. 3.3 All ground and cabin crew, including cabin crew, are permitted to receive orders only from the airline, unless the airline has previously entered into an explicit written agreement, as certain defined instructions may be accepted by the charterer. Final payloads are subject to WAT limits at the time of flight and are also subject to the captain`s final assessment. Flights are also subject to all overflight and landing clearances, weather, time slots, airport opening hours and cargo load capacity is subject to aircraft volume and dimensions. (For the exclusive use of passenger aircraft – between charterers and brokers as intermediaries) The agreement: Any contract between the airline and the charterer for the charter of the aircraft by the airline. 5.7 The charterer frees the airline and the broker and their executives, agents and subcontractors from all costs and costs incurred by the carrier and/or broker for the transportation of freight. The compensation contained in clause 5.7 applies even after the end of this agreement.

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all aircraft charter contracts of Elit`Avia Ltd. and apply to the exclusion of all other conditions (including all conditions that the charterer purports to apply in an order, order confirmation or other document). Charter price: Us-Dollar [The charter price includes all normal operating costs, excluding non-opposition charges and charges, storage charges 512b and other taxes (including freight taxes and other charges in accordance with the airline`s general terms of transportation). The charter price also excludes the cost of the special equipment required for loading or loading due to a large or heavy cargo. 15.1.1 20% of the charter price with immediate effect The charterer: any person, company or agency that offers each airline`s aircraft to charter or charter. The plane: All the planes that the company charterer charters. 15.1.3 50% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled 48 hours before departure The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has submitted the draft joint model contract as a guide for its members and others with respect to the frequently used contractual terms that are involved in agreements that may cover the transaction they contract. The attached project model is developed only as an indication and as an example and is not exhaustive or final, as all transactions are different.

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